The lightness of our conversation was the same as the weather
Light, warm, full of banter and changed every 5 minutes
All in a day we were connected by vines of music, comics, clothes and whatever
I laughed, you laughed, I teared, you cried
It was nice

Then you called me perfect

In that moment I was perfect

As you see me now I am perfect
Beautifully and wonderfully made

To kill an ambitionite….

I HAD A DREAM, i killed a dream in a cloud of doubt and resentment
It left a bitterness in my eyes as i looked to the hills and cried…LORD please help me

Veins contracting retracting, a spurge, a spark, i see light and then dark Continue reading “To kill an ambitionite….”

How could I forget….

I was there,
I saw what triggered my fingers to relieve the distance that we hadn’t walked before,
sweet sweet smell of flowers I hadn’t received before.

Lies lay still, tomorrow is the day we kiss goodbye my friend,
until the end we shared….a simple wish,

to be happy…
How could I forget,
It was the music we shared,
the Truth that brought love to enjoy moments like this,

How could I forget,
I was caught in a thought between your eyes and your smile,
not hearing any sound for a while,

How could I forget,
the split second of attraction that made me weak,
your laugh that excited me and your joke that was just not funny

How could I forget that in all this…
my hopes of seeing you in the same light will fade away because for a moment…
I was lost and you were….young

Inspiration…..moments like this



the story of love…in the unknown

I shouldn’t but I do,
think of the first time we met, why we met and how oblivious we were,
young lovers exploring the surface of what cannot be explained or contained,
trapped in the circle of admiration, circulation, reverberation of our hearts,
a song we shared, a dance no one cared, a trickle of a teenage love affair…gone
at the peak of the morning sun,
tomorrow might not come to us, we might have to travel the stars,
But I wish tomorrow we could begin again, say one more time how simple it was…just knowing you…to be you….to become us