Beauty for the minds eye….

Last week I was a supermodel, 3 days ago I became obese, the difference in time didn’t change my physiology, the mind behind the eyes saw a difference entirely, Slender became desirable and an additional inch became irrelevant. Who is to say either is correct, If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then I chooseContinue reading “Beauty for the minds eye….”

How could I forget….

I was there, I saw what triggered my fingers to relieve the distance that we hadn’t walked before, sweet sweet smell of flowers I hadn’t received before. Lies lay still, tomorrow is the day we kiss goodbye my friend, until the end we shared….a simple wish, to be happy… How could I forget, It wasContinue reading “How could I forget….”


My first official post on relationships… goes. Romancipatience…as you can guess it’s about romance and patience. For too long I’ve heard my girl-friends say that they want to be in a relationship, that they are sick of being single, why doesn’t anybody want me?!? and so the story goes. On the contrary my guy- friendsContinue reading “Romancipatience……”