Equalism: Women

thank you for mentioning my poem “my honest opinions” 🙂


I’ve squeezed a write up out of an amazing blogger ‘illustrated mind’. I think it’s a pretty great one. I sincerely do!

– Sexy is what he called her and sexy she was in his eyes,
Never mind that she had a given name 3 days after her birth,
In one moment her being as a human was reduced to a product of objectification,
It disqualified all the knowledge, passion and experience she had gained and made her nothing but ‘sexy’

“Maybe I brought it on myself, maybe this skirt is too short; sitting loosely below my knees,
Maybe my shirt is too tight, regardless of how petite my frame is, 
Heck! Maybe I’m showing too much skin…..I’m wearing thick black tights”
There is nothing more attractive than a woman with a body 6 years her junior wearing a skirt that was burnt in the 60’s with a name badge that…

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