Something New…

I am just a story teller….walking with jazz to reconnect with her beginnings. To her first love. I fell in love with a genre that has evolved out of the sorrows of slavery and predated the times of slave ships on the African plains. The roots are deeper than generations I count on my fingersContinue reading “Something New…”

The Purple Reigned…..

The music world is in mourning this week for so many reasons. First it was Prince, then Billy Paul followed by Papa Wemba. My heart dropped because I knew that a part of music had just left the earth. I remember this feeling when Michael Jackson went away and now I’m holding on to theContinue reading “The Purple Reigned…..”

Half baked cookie….

I like cookies, all sorts of cookies, chocolate chip, raisin, peanut, smarties *drools*…if I had a blue onsie I would be the cookie monster everytime I brought a cookie home, sadly this post is not about cookies or comfortable’s about being a jack of all trades, Hansie-my-kneg (Afrikaan), Homme-à-tout-faire (French), Tamokuteki wa Mugeidesu (Japanese), سبع صنايع والبخت ضايعContinue reading “Half baked cookie….”

Why I write…..

  Simple….I love feelings. I love to experience them, read them, ignite them, I love talking about them and now I am learning the art of expressing them. One of the hardest things to do is trying to write them down. You may have a passion that is kept secret for only yourself, but whenContinue reading “Why I write…..”

Do you love me now…..

I leave you with this beautiful song by Nneka which seems to bring about moments of sadness, confusion, hurt, doubt and moments of compromise. The world is full of deceit and devious minds that may act innocent but it’s only later on that you find out the extent of the damage. Somebody once told meContinue reading “Do you love me now…..”

Live life……

I have been hooked on this song for a couple of days now. It is so uplifting and the melody is quite soothing. Mali music is an amazing musician who knows how to captivate you with his words as well as his instruments. With this song I hope you remember that life is a giftContinue reading “Live life……”