Hello Old Friend

Your body felt hollow and light, out of sync as my fingers tighten and released tension to your neck.

At times I was rough times smooth but all was formality because my hand had left you limp and crucified to the wall.

Today was different.

It was like two leaves dancing with the wind,

It wasn’t quite the waltz and we tripped at times but I wanted to enjoy this unfamiliar stride that was jubilant as we unknotted each-other’s style.

Hello old friend, I’ve missed your touch, our hearts intertwining through melodies and choruses like cross-crossed ropes in double Dutch.

If we last a lifetime, you’d go beyond my years and our songs would find it’s way to strangers in tears.

But I want you to know as many will come after, you were built for soothing my bleeding heart, my rhythmic mahogany lover.

Hello old friend, it’s good to finally play together again.

Ode to my guitar, which hasn’t been receiving much love this pandemic but today, I truly felt like she understood me.


Published by Surafi KB

Jesus, Jazz & Coffee

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