Something New…

I am just a story teller….walking with jazz to reconnect with her beginnings. To her first love. I fell in love with a genre that has evolved out of the sorrows of slavery and predated the times of slave ships on the African plains. The roots are deeper than generations I count on my fingersContinue reading “Something New…”

My funny valentine….

Valentines Day has always appeared just as any other, and this year, it wasn’t any different. Why does everyone get so worked up about it? I hear it’s like Christmas for some folks. Whilst I am here eating my budget pizza and watching an out of season series there’s somebody out there maxing out theirContinue reading “My funny valentine….”

Starblogger award!

Whoooow Starlight Blogger Award…arigatou mina *tears* or should i say HeLikestowritetoo….my fellow blogger from 9nja….i can’t believe it has been so long since i’ve written a post. Well i would to thank my teddy bears and crisps for being so cuddly and delicious during those inspirational moments haha….on a serious note check out helikestowrite andContinue reading “Starblogger award!”