Art on rooftops

My neck was swaying with the rooftops as my eyes were seduced by the artistic ensembles of colours, shapes and stories.

Reflections/ directions

Reflections, deflections, perceptions, directions, I’m feeling like 6 months is in 3 months which means I’ve missed

Awkward/ Phenomenal

Happy International Women’s Day! This is moment is to celebrate the force that God made…the AWKWARD BLACK GIRL.

What if he has kids?…

The day of cupid is around the corner and I find myself contemplating one thing as a millennial dilemma

With Quincy Phillips

Recollecting my moments on a moving train to the woods I was still struck by how my evening ended on Friday 13th

Art Kane’s famous photo of jazz greats, titled “Harlem 1958”; approved for one-time use only. MUST CREDIT: Photograph by Art Kane – courtesy Art Kane Archive NOTE: this is a downsized low-res photo for web use

A Great Day In Harlem

In honour of world photo day, the most iconic photograph taken back when Jazz was heard in every street corner in

Gregory/ Porter

Keep working on your dream and don’t stop. Do it for the music – Gregory Porter [image: FRANCO P

Something New…

I am just a story teller….walking with jazz to reconnect with her beginnings. To her first love. I fell in love with a genre that has evolved out of the sorrows of slavery and predated the times of slave ships on the African plains. The roots are deeper than generations I count on my fingers … Continue reading “Something New…”

River flow….

Some seasons have left me dry with no time for myself or others but in them I’ve learnt the importance of being alone in time with the King…it’s refreshing. The Living Water washing me daily until I am made over.


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Hi, I’m Surafi KB, a songbird, blogger, photographer and all round creative. Welcome to my page where I share my thoughts and feelings about todays world from a black female & faith perspective. Occasionally I will share a song but mostly I open you to my writing and my world. Every conversation reveals more truth about ourselves than silence but in everything we build each other for greater days

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