Short Stories & Poem

Hello Old Friend

Your body felt hollow and light, out of sync as my fingers tighten and released tension to your neck.

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Art on rooftops

My neck was swaying with the rooftops as my eyes were seduced by the artistic ensembles of colours, shapes…

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Reflections/ directions

Reflections, deflections, perceptions, directions, I’m feeling like 6 months is in 3 months which means I’ve missed

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The couple sitting opposite were cold in their familiarity. He sat beside her, gazing at his ink stained paper…

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The day the devil forgot his armour he met a warrior, She was clothed in righteousness and cleansed by…

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What I saw…

I saw the golden sands weeping as the sun set its dream of a vineyard far beyond the mirage

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As i dream….

The morning dawns as though my turning forced the sun its rising Rays settle on the surface of my…

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Short Stories & Poem


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