The day the devil forgot his armour he met a warrior,

She was clothed in righteousness and cleansed by the blood of the lamb

She bore the whole armour, helmet, sword, breastplate, belt, sandals

The demon appeared on a train, eyes pierced and transfixed on her

He tried to overthrow her stand

He presented his cards of fortune and deceit,

She spoke words that brought life and praised the Almighty Father, Continue reading “Light…”


The lightness of our conversation was the same as the weather
Light, warm, full of banter and changed every 5 minutes
All in a day we were connected by vines of music, comics, clothes and whatever
I laughed, you laughed, I teared, you cried
It was nice

Then you called me perfect

In that moment I was perfect

As you see me now I am perfect
Beautifully and wonderfully made

I keep on falling….

Chasing money till my roots grew old without a pass in the shadows
Medullar oblingata my breathe has gone stoccata
Into the deep where the river stopped flowing
Life stopped for me but it continued for you
Was I too selfish to protect me from thee or pretend like we never existed between the thick air that clouded our conversations
I too wrestled the fight between sin and temptation and wanted freedom
But I had to be free, I needed to be me, I need to be me
Im sorry that I was prematurly innocent
If only I knew how, I would express my deepest sympathies

If there is a word I say too often its im sorry; the greatest phase that follows after is maturity. I was thinking back on a friendship I decided to let go of years ago and I will say that it was painful and looking back I could have done something which i know now that i didn’t know then. It was hard because I cared for the person but I realised that it was a toxic friendship that would suck me dry.  Some losses we should count as blessings whether its financial, emotional or physical. We must all learn from baby steps that falling is due to being weak and to be strong we must risk falling again and again. Why do I say sorry alot? Because I fall alot, in fact daily but I still dust of off my feet and keep on going.

Inspiration….old friends



To kill an ambitionite….

I HAD A DREAM, i killed a dream in a cloud of doubt and resentment
It left a bitterness in my eyes as i looked to the hills and cried…LORD please help me

Veins contracting retracting, a spurge, a spark, i see light and then dark Continue reading “To kill an ambitionite….”