To kill an ambitionite….

I HAD A DREAM, i killed a dream in a cloud of doubt and resentment
It left a bitterness in my eyes as i looked to the hills and cried…LORD please help me

Veins contracting retracting, a spurge, a spark, i see light and then dark

Temperature rise and then hark as i hear the angel sing,
My daddy gave me a vision and said you are my created being

Did i miss the turning of the leaves sleeping or was i just resting my eyes?


I hear opposition, become disillusioned and breathe distress
It tries to turn the wheel but my mind stays at rest
The light awakes and extends my vision beyond the fields that echo defeat
The way is already open, just walk walk in it
The path has been made straight just fol-low at His feet

I realise then that Your strength is unbreakable
The ways of the seeds underground are unshakeable
Mountains formed and fertile trees formed with your speech remain purposeful
So who am i to be shaken by words..just words but not Your word

I will stand….until the end…until it is finished

Some dreams keep building, reshaping, erase and recreating..but soon enough, it has to be born
When people come to kill the dreams and ambition for your life….remember who you are and what your purpose is,
Don’t let anyone throw you off or take away your joy,
Dreams must be allowed to stand the fire that is thrown at them so that it can be turned into reality
Always keep your focus and remember the end has not come until all is said and done

Inspiration….dream killer




Published by Surafi KB

Jesus, Jazz & Coffee

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