Beware of the Chameleon in sheep’s wool

Beware of the chameleon wrapped in sheeps wool for he comes with a seductive sleep when nights are lonely.

He will be your footrest when your heels are dented with heaviness. When the days are cold, his breathe will gently warm your hands and his eyes will meet yours as the night slips into a hazy yet blissful dream.

He rewards you with kisses with a promise to be his mrs but is only interested in caging your freedom. He comes with a ransom for your heart and soul to satisfy his thirst for possession.

Beware of the chameleon wrapped in sheep’s wool for he changes subtly with a suit of old. For undressed, he is neither sheep nor lizard but a salivating canine, deceptive like fools gold.

Relationships can start off as Prince Charming and roses but it might not be all that it seems sometimes. I started this poem to raise awareness of 16 days of action for violence against women and girls, 25th nov – 10th dec. 1 in 3 women will experience some form of abuse in their lifetime. One of the ways to protect women is to look out for some early signs of an unhealthy relationship and call for advice from a specialist organisation that can provide support. Orange the world. End Violence Against Women & Girls.


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