Without him i found Him….

A bit of a throwback thursday from an unpublished post written 4.5 years ago…read on.. It’s funny how you think that no one will ever understand what you have been through until one day a friend hears your story and says “heard it all before”. All this time you thought that your problem was unfix-able,Continue reading “Without him i found Him….”

You do too much even when it’s not needed….

These words have stuck  with me ever since. Sometimes only the person who is close to you and knows your character is the person you need to turn to for some hard truths. Until I heard these words I was a busy body, all day everyday. Strange feelings overtook when I stood still. I didn’tContinue reading “You do too much even when it’s not needed….”

The littlest things…..

Let me just be real for a minute. Not everything is great but I am thankful for the short times I have to breathe. Being an assistant is never easy; you are just high demand all the time so blood pressure is just elevated a little bit. I still have days when I go homeContinue reading “The littlest things…..”


My heart belongs to Him and to get to Him you must look within to find the light that illuminates the dark … voids filling with sugar that seeps through the crevices and drives the momentum until one day you sit still and reflect in the wind and say….what was the point…..the point is simple….LightContinue reading “Momentum……”

the story of love…..

the story of love begins with the Truth, all knowing and all powerful One who gives life to all, He gives and you get given a fullness that overtakes everything, all pain, all struggles and all hurt, the love you knew cannot compare to the uncompromising love, from dirt you may have been born littleContinue reading “the story of love…..”

Forgiveness is the key….

Inspiration on a journey again, only this time the carriage is empty. Funny how my moments of inspiration always happen when I am away from home. Tried to make peace with my past but it kept coming back to haunt me so finally I decided to confront it. There was no sunshine when he hadContinue reading “Forgiveness is the key….”

Moving from imprisonment to empowerment…

Moving from imprisonment to empowerment takes some people longer than others. It helps when you have had good, strong childhood affirmation. But even if you haven’t, you don’t have to limit your future merely because of voids in your past. Close those chapters in your life and write new ones – T.D. Jakes