the story of love…in the unknown

I shouldn’t but I do,
think of the first time we met, why we met and how oblivious we were,
young lovers exploring the surface of what cannot be explained or contained,
trapped in the circle of admiration, circulation, reverberation of our hearts,
a song we shared, a dance no one cared, a trickle of a teenage love affair…gone
at the peak of the morning sun,
tomorrow might not come to us, we might have to travel the stars,
But I wish tomorrow we could begin again, say one more time how simple it was…just knowing you…to be you….to become us




The unseen journey in their hands….

Walking side by side, hand in hand they enjoy the world together once more like they did all those years before. From the outside, it appears as if these frail beings hold one another for the physical support. It’s only with their eyes can they see that time and patience has preserved love that saw sparks ignite in the hours of midnight. Truly he cannot relinguish his grip from hers, fearing that the beauty which once cradled his grieving chest would leave foot steps echoing in an empty hallway. The fear triggers a familiar sense of self afflicted lonliness governed by his self desire for a touch, a squeeze and money in the night breeze. *CLINK* *CLINK* The sound of  fluid running through the pipes and releasing itself onto a stained coffee cup. Dinner for one…again. Continue reading “The unseen journey in their hands….”