I keep on falling….

Chasing money till my roots grew old without a pass in the shadows Medullar oblingata my breathe has gone stoccata Into the deep where the river stopped flowing Life stopped for me but it continued for you Was I too selfish to protect me from thee or pretend like we never existed between the thickContinue reading “I keep on falling….”

Forgiveness is the key….

Inspiration on a journey again, only this time the carriage is empty. Funny how my moments of inspiration always happen when I am away from home. Tried to make peace with my past but it kept coming back to haunt me so finally I decided to confront it. There was no sunshine when he hadContinue reading “Forgiveness is the key….”

Moving from imprisonment to empowerment…

Moving from imprisonment to empowerment takes some people longer than others. It helps when you have had good, strong childhood affirmation. But even if you haven’t, you don’t have to limit your future merely because of voids in your past. Close those chapters in your life and write new ones – T.D. Jakes