Spent a few days in the wilderness in my mind
Thought it was true experience but all i heard were lies by the enemy
Corrupting the one true voice that directs me..to life

Heard but not seen, the words of angels beam me to reality,
Through His words I can see clearly that I have been cleansed and cared for dearly
By the Messiah who gave His body to be marred beyond the eyes fixation
Tears stream as i acknowledge my great saviour who bowed without hesitation

The rich world say they care for the meek but all they do is pretend, deceive and retrieve pennies from the weak
My my my what a world we are living in, seeing all troubles but they want to do is follow their own skin
My my my how do I surpass the riches of this world without compromising my reason for being birthed

I remember, the great I AM…His voice and instruction saying remember me in all your ways for this world only reaps corruption




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