You do too much even when it’s not needed….


These words have stuck  with me ever since. Sometimes only the person who is close to you and knows your character is the person you need to turn to for some hard truths. Until I heard these words I was a busy body, all day everyday. Strange feelings overtook when I stood still. I didn’t understand stillness so my mind was always full of every kind of anxiety you can think of until my body said STOP!!!!!

Pulse rate high and nightsweats began….I had to receive validation that what I was doing was the right thing…it turns out not, all i did was burn out and forget about myself….spiritually, physically and emotionally. I neglected God, my body and my feelings which were empty.

So here comes the change life. I have stopped caring so much, doing so much and sparing my lovely emotions…who knew that they can kill. With a lighter head I can rest easy and be more selfish (the good kind).

Sometimes we need to stop and think if what we do is actually helping us or hurting us.

How can I show love with an empty spirit….I can’t..only God shows me how to love because He is love
How can I show love with a tired body….I can’t…hugs should always be warm and loving
How can I show love with an empty heart…..I can’t, I simply can’t

Take a break so you can show love again





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