The Purple Reigned…..

The music world is in mourning this week for so many reasons.
First it was Prince, then Billy Paul followed by Papa Wemba. My heart dropped because I knew that a part of music had just left the earth.
I remember this feeling when Michael Jackson went away and now I’m holding on to the notion that I will one day see Stevie Wonder perform live before it’s His time.
These geniuses gave us moments that were in sync with the music and could be remembered for a lifetime.

When I realised that Billy  Paul was not Mr Jones it was scandalous stuff, and that cream by Prince was very much not about hot choclate I couldn’t help but laugh at my innocence as a child. Now my sadness is the realisation that legends are born but must all have the same ending. Musicians are rare in the music industry so when one goes, their music survives but the engenious mind that engineered meticulous lyrics and melodies has to go where they go.

R.I.P to the ones who gave us music from the  west to the motherland

Here is something for you all while my guitar gently weeps, I weep

My Inspiration…music

My topic…death

My opinion…stated


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Jesus, Jazz & Coffee

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