Why I write…..


Simple….I love feelings. I love to experience them, read them, ignite them, I love talking about them and now I am learning the art of expressing them. One of the hardest things to do is trying to write them down. You may have a passion that is kept secret for only yourself, but when the time comes to allow others into your little secret…you simply can’t. No words can describe the depth in which your passion resides. All that is left are shallow words, the same you use to describe your favourite pizza or the moment your favourite song plays in the café. How professional song writers do it…I will try to find out, but until then, I will keep searching for that tune, that rhythm that voice that will get me so lost in…..I suggest you do too


My Inspiration…feelings

My Topic….writing

My Opinion….stated


Published by Surafi KB

Jesus, Jazz & Coffee

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