The couple sitting opposite were cold in their familiarity. He sat beside her, gazing at his ink stained paper through his blocked spectacles, it was black.
Her glasses were framed with crimson red which gave a tint of youthfulness to the black and greys she chose to clothe herself in. 5 minutes of silence could’ve persuaded me to avert my interest back to the endless scrolling of social media at 10 in the morning, but a movement distracted me.

He shuffled. Then I noticed the familiarity in their expressions. It wasn’t the spectacles that teetered close to the tip of their noses or their lips almost parallel to one another. It was years of happiness that joined their hearts and brokenness that wrinkled their brows. He lifted his arms to reach her laps and without a word he simply gave her his paper and pointed. She simply understood the soundless words he delivered were for her to enter into his world of amusement. They laughed, each pausing at distinct moments to echo a new composition of joy. I smiled as it reminded me of a familiar moment. They began as strangers at a distant time but as unfamiliar as it began….the end was classic.


Inspiration…old couple




Published by Surafi KB

Jesus, Jazz & Coffee

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