Awkward/ Phenomenal

Happy International Women’s Day!

This is moment is to celebrate the force that God made…the AWKWARD BLACK GIRL.

We stand in the corner scheming to become power houses like Oprah, have a swarve and wisdom like Whoopi Goldberg whilst doing the night shift of Deloris Van Cartier.

We hide in the shadows like Nakia and have the warrior spirit and loyalty of Okeye with the sisterhood of Lupita and Dinai. It’s okay to be a mother and dreamer who gets away with murder, fall for mcdreamy and be intertwined with a president all at once. How? Just ask Shonda Rhimes (plenty of heartache and popcorn).

It’s okay to give your mirror twin a pep talk and immobilise your haters with lyrical isms. Note to self: keep all guys named Daniel at two arms length…still #teamIssa.


Every awkward black girl has the ‘I just want to shave my head’ moment…….the universal code for, I’m dating myself or just because I would look hella good with short hair. Maybe you thought Becky with the good hair actually existed so now you have to force her into existence by coding your most hated colleague – yeah that Becky over there.

I can’t forget the squad?! The ones routing for you and covering your mistakes because they believe in your black excellence and black girl magic….yes I walk with them. The ladies who stay up until 2am entertaining ratchetness and #blacktwitter, you know who you are. The hashtags that never should have been, the one night that could’ve taken you back but she talked sense into you. The wild night you swore a non disclosure on, we bless these women.


Maybe you decided that you wanted to bleed your heart on strings of guitar or bass. When you hear women like Lauryn Hill, Esaprenza Spalding or the entire band of Beyoncé’s suga mamas you remember that the world wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl.

Comics and manga were always awkward conversations until Black Panther brought us our techno nerd sister Shuri, I mean what?! I can go to comic con and not dress like Storm? We want to be timeless like Angela Bassett and know our worth like Viola Davis. Stick it to the man like Octavia Spencer and have the style of Janelle Monae. Exhibit leadership and grace like Michelle Obama and have swagger on the red carpet like Erykah Badu.

We are activists standing for justice and reminding people everyday that #blacklivesmatter. We are scientists, entrepreneurs, bankers, politicians, artists, leaders, visionaries and exceptionally AWKWARD because society puts us last but still…we rise!!


This is not a finite list because there are way too many to celebrate but the power of forming our own narratives cannot be underestimated. Maybe I’m celebrating the most awesome women crushes of my 2017/2018. What would this world look like without her? If there’s anything to be proud of, it’s the insulate and inbuilt resilience that define black women as phenomenal.  Being an awkward black girl is not boring, it’s great and I was born for such a time as this.

Happy Woman’s Day 2018!!





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