My funny valentine….

Valentines Day has always appeared just as any other, and this year, it wasn’t any different. Why does everyone get so worked up about it? I hear it’s like Christmas for some folks. Whilst I am here eating my budget pizza and watching an out of season series there’s somebody out there maxing out their credit card for the sake of cupid and his hazardous arrow…can we have a moment of silence please.

I am not hating on cupid, I think he is pretty slick but that arrow needs to come with a warning sign that says “once a year loving”. I mean love should be flourishing all year around, at least that’s what I like so cupid better manufacture more arrows.

Love never fails [it never fades nor ends] – 1st corinthians 13:8 (amp)

Love is valued when it is reaffirmed not once or twice but at every season. It has to matter when things are going well and when things are not, it’s constant. It endures all things and it cements our deepest human desires. For me. nothing is greater than knowing that I am loved forever and ever so even if my funny valentine is not here yet, my heart has been captured.

Here’s a little from Miles Davies – My funny valentine





Image: Annca


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