I know it’s not mothers day but…..

Humility came in unfamiliar forms,

she prowled then stood tall,

proud that she could purchase shoes,

wear boots and heels and recycle her wardrobe from the old to the new,

She could always stand firm knowing that being the first of many put her in a position of…great power.

Her step announced her entrance and her voice issued commands,

her mouth could utter contemptuous similes to invoke guilt…but alas she stood tall,

then she grew impatient….quit her job and had to settle for pennies for breakfast,

life became difficult and clothes became undesirable…funny how perception of beauty can be influenced by money and purpose.

She became desperate…..and dreadful but resisted asking her mother for money like she was 15,

for a moment she was reminded of the great wonders of being a child to a mother

you are never too far from a mothers love

a mothers love is something that is scornful yet gentle, harsh yet forgiving, sharp but never without purpose

I only write this to celebrate the beauty that I have observed in my mother who is perhaps the most judgemental yet gentle human being I’ve ever known. I was jobless and she scorned me for being unemployed, I was penniless but she gave me more  money than I needed. She was confused when I got a new job because she wasn’t paying attention but brought my food to my bed when I was sick. Tomorrow she may act very different but she will always be my number 1, I know it’s not mothers day but meh…..okasan..suki

My Inspiration…..MUM

My Topic……Love

My Opinion…..Stated


My heart belongs to Him and to get to Him you must look within to find the light that illuminates the dark … voids filling with sugar that seeps through the crevices and drives the momentum until one day you sit still and reflect in the wind and say….what was the point…..the point is simple….Light


A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her

– Maya Angelou




How could I forget….

I was there,
I saw what triggered my fingers to relieve the distance that we hadn’t walked before,
sweet sweet smell of flowers I hadn’t received before.

Lies lay still, tomorrow is the day we kiss goodbye my friend,
until the end we shared….a simple wish,

to be happy…
How could I forget,
It was the music we shared,
the Truth that brought love to enjoy moments like this,

How could I forget,
I was caught in a thought between your eyes and your smile,
not hearing any sound for a while,

How could I forget,
the split second of attraction that made me weak,
your laugh that excited me and your joke that was just not funny

How could I forget that in all this…
my hopes of seeing you in the same light will fade away because for a moment…
I was lost and you were….young

Inspiration…..moments like this