I know it’s not mothers day but…..

Humility came in unfamiliar forms, she prowled then stood tall, proud that she could purchase shoes, wear boots and heels and recycle her wardrobe from the old to the new, She could always stand firm knowing that being the first of many put her in a position of…great power. Her step announced her entrance andContinue reading “I know it’s not mothers day but…..”

Beautiful package, beautiful gift…..

I couldn’t help but share this with the world after seeing this passage today from “Woman thou art loosed” edition KJV Bible by T.D Jakes, it’s so encouraging to anyone who may feel lost in themselves for a moment or for a long time. Based on Colossians 1:9-11…. The greater part of your attractiveness —Continue reading “Beautiful package, beautiful gift…..”

Slow down baby…..

It has been a minute since I’ve been back here. Inspiration came and went and I had no time to write it all down. That’s how life has been since. Amidst all that we do sometimes we have so much going on that we forget we have other commitments. We forget to look after ourContinue reading “Slow down baby…..”