As i dream….

The morning dawns as though my turning forced the sun its rising

Rays settle on the surface of my eyelid…just one,

The other is caught in the demise of its youth

As i dreamt the frights of yesterday i awakened the skys of tomorrow

listening and repeating the faults i dare to revive


I live to breathe the air of today and make what was…a memory in a foreign land

My inspiration….mistakes

My topic…poetry

My opinion…stated

The Purple Reigned…..

The music world is in mourning this week for so many reasons.
First it was Prince, then Billy Paul followed by Papa Wemba. My heart dropped because I knew that a part of music had just left the earth.
I remember this feeling when Michael Jackson went away and now I’m holding on to the notion that I will one day see Stevie Wonder perform live before it’s His time.
These geniuses gave us moments that were in sync with the music and could be remembered for a lifetime.

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I keep on falling….

Chasing money till my roots grew old without a pass in the shadows
Medullar oblingata my breathe has gone stoccata
Into the deep where the river stopped flowing
Life stopped for me but it continued for you
Was I too selfish to protect me from thee or pretend like we never existed between the thick air that clouded our conversations
I too wrestled the fight between sin and temptation and wanted freedom
But I had to be free, I needed to be me, I need to be me
Im sorry that I was prematurly innocent
If only I knew how, I would express my deepest sympathies

If there is a word I say too often its im sorry; the greatest phase that follows after is maturity. I was thinking back on a friendship I decided to let go of years ago and I will say that it was painful and looking back I could have done something which i know now that i didn’t know then. It was hard because I cared for the person but I realised that it was a toxic friendship that would suck me dry.  Some losses we should count as blessings whether its financial, emotional or physical. We must all learn from baby steps that falling is due to being weak and to be strong we must risk falling again and again. Why do I say sorry alot? Because I fall alot, in fact daily but I still dust of off my feet and keep on going.

Inspiration….old friends



Without him i found Him….

A bit of a throwback thursday from an unpublished post written 4.5 years ago…read on..
It’s funny how you think that no one will ever understand what you have been through until one day a friend hears your story and says “heard it all before”. All this time you thought that your problem was unfix-able, unrepairable so you don’t speak about it because no one will get you, but then you start to repeat it in the hope that someone will fix it. It’s no secret that women who lack the fatherly figure during their early years struggle to become the women that God created them to be. The father may be present but emotionally distant. This leaves the girl feeling rejected, empty and constantly doubting her own self worth…that is if she felt worth anything to start with. Continue reading “Without him i found Him….”

Let it burn…..

I have succumb to the bug that is…….the burn out. I confess I am a workaholic, perfectionist and proudly idealistic in my thinking. I want to save the world everyday but the only thing is that I am one person. In the space of trying to prove my worth I have done the unspeakable and subconsciously taken on the role of someone else as well as myself and now I am burnt ooouuut…say what?! I didn’t see that coming.
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