2016 in summary…

In short, absence is 2016. I’ve felt overjoyed seeing friends transition from singleness to married life and have been thrown into sorrow with the wave of deaths in Hollywood. I’ve also met some incredible artists in the music world including William Bell, Dobet Gnahore and the Roy Hargrove Quintet, could 2016 be as random as my posts, I think so. Brexit, trump and Harambe, so much has happened that if someone said I could somersault it back to 2015 I would do it. Sadly in the middle of the roundabout I’ve been absent. I woke up yesterday only to realise that Mohamed Ali is no longer with us, when did this happen? Was I still crying over Prince…it still hurts.

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2016….here I come

I’m still awake 4 hours into the new year and i can’t help but write.

In 2015 I tripped and fell several times, stumbled, got up and dust the dirt off my feet and ran towards the goal that was in front of me, i’m still running. It was a tough year but i’ve spent enough time walking on my feet so I’m growing some wings to fly, who is with me? Continue reading “2016….here I come”