Safety in the zone…..

We all have that place that we can all escape to. Where everything makes sense and you’re always right even when you know you’re wrong. A perfect home for a person who is contempt with what they have and would not change it. We house all our secrets, thoughts, personalities……The safe place that is called “the comfort zone” that not even your mother can penetrate. Only you know that place. Describe it however you please but my comfort zone is my bedroom, i dance sing and laugh best in my room… is always playing in the background, it’s usually the last incomplete song that I have heard depending on my mood. Half of the time when I am not living life with other people…that is where I am. It’s a wonderful place to be….but also dangerous. Why? Because it is a place with limitations. The comfort zone prevents what we fear from coming in but it also stops us from moving out and forward with our dreams and visions.

Fear determines the size of our comfort zones. The more we fear, the smaller our comfort zones are. At some point we need space to move, live our dreams and break those barriers. Once those doors to fear have been destroyed then we are able to create more space and allow our dreams to take full form. Don’t limit yourself. Break out!!!! Surround yourself with people who will help you break those doors. God has given you something that only you can do, there is a grace that comes with that. We must recognise our callings and live it out….no fear.

Inspiration…..comfort zone




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