My first official post on relationships… goes.

Romancipatience…as you can guess it’s about romance and patience. For too long I’ve heard my girl-friends say that they want to be in a relationship, that they are sick of being single, why doesn’t anybody want me?!? and so the story goes. On the contrary my guy- friends are open to talking about women and their views on relationships but aren’t willing to make the big “commitment”…yes the guys take their time whilst the girls are in a hurry and none are willing to compromise….(that one will have a post of its own soon).


Why is everyone in such a hurry these days?!?!

I heard from someone one time that they loved being single,  that it was the best thing in the world and that any girl has to be worth him giving up his freedom as a man, otherwise it’s not going to happen (perhaps he was expressing his new found freedom)…..I for one second that comment for many reasons (the female version of course) but I will only focus on one.

Being single is the best time to just be by yourself in every sense. You decide the whats, the wheres and the hows and all of them are catered to your needs, selfish I know, but isn’t that how we all are. You get the opportunity to get to know more about yourself alone than at any other time, your identity is developed by you and cannot be taken by anyone else. The absolute freedom (unless you’re bound by the parents) is just one thing that we long for

If you are in a hurry you are most likely looking for someone who will make you feel good about yourself not someone who will compliment you. A person shouldn’t be there as a security blanket because once they are gone, you will feel empty and insecure again. Learn to love yourself first like the Lord loves you before trying to get to know someone else on a deeper level.

People who are in a hurry usually don’t understand that until they find themselves dependent on someone else for emotional feedback. Their identity is created by another person which means that come break up season, it’s taken away. Be patient and learn to love God and yourself by yourself and pick up a hobby, who knows, life may just have something interesting to show you.

My inspiration….romancipation (musiq soulchild)

My topic…..relationships

My opinion…stated


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