Life is the same all over….

For a couple of days I have just been pondering about life really. Maybe it sounds stupid but I was asking myself what makes my life so different from someone else’s, being a Christian that is. To be honest, it’s exactly the same as anyone else’s…..before you flip and tell me that it’s not meant to be that way please hear me out. I’m starting to notice this now because it shocks me when I want to talk about my faith or a Christian events people seem to run a mile in the other direction. I never really knew why but now I realise that the first thing that comes across someone’s mind is…oh here we go, someone telling me how worthless my life is if I don’t give my life to Christ and I’m going to hell yada yada yada….Can you blame them for running a mile, I mean my parents criticised me a lot, which hurt as a kid but that was expected, but to hear it from a stranger, that’s just so hurtful.

If I may expand on the point i made earlier about my life being the same as someone else’s, I meant it in the way that life happens. Whether we like it or not, disease hits everyone, death hits everyone, bad situations happen to absolutely everyone whether you believe in God or not…that’s just the way life goes. People should stop thinking that believing in God means that suddenly you stop getting diseases, you won’t lose your job etc. If the boss wants to fire you because you’re not doing your job right, prayer will not help that…you will get fired, if you drink uncooked will get sick.



The difference between me and someone else is my acknowledgement that God is real and that I owe everything to Him because He created me and gave me life. I also believe that He can get me out of tough situations that have befallen me, provide me with wisdom that helps me in everyday situations and many more. I know people have heard it many times before but prayer changes things, even when a person who has gone through their life not believing in God, the last and desperate hope for someone is prayer, and it’s wonderful when they receive the revelation that God is real. But it’s hard to tell people that if their heart is already hard, and don’t want to even hear you out. With those people I say, they need to receive some love. Love confuses the people who hate you, brings joy to pain and despair and it’s just wonderful to receive…maybe my next topic will be on LOVE.

But all in all, as peoples, life will happen to all because its meant to. God brings blessings to all of us because He loves us ALL equally, His love for me is no different to someone who doesn’t believe He exists. I just know that by knowing Him, life is that much easier because things that were once impossible to me, just become possible

Enjoy the rest of your day 😀

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