Life is the same all over….

For a couple of days I have just been pondering about life really. Maybe it sounds stupid but I was asking myself what makes my life so different from someone else’s, being a Christian that is. To be honest, it’s exactly the same as anyone else’s…..before you flip and tell me that it’s not meant to be that way please hear me out. I’m starting to notice this now because it shocks me when I want to talk about my faith or a Christian events people seem to run a mile in the other direction. I never really knew why but now I realise that the first thing that comes across someone’s mind is…oh here we go, someone telling me how worthless my life is if I don’t give my life to Christ and I’m going to hell yada yada yada….Can you blame them for running a mile, I mean my parents criticised me a lot, which hurt as a kid but that was expected, but to hear it from a stranger, that’s just so hurtful. Continue reading “Life is the same all over….”