Sometimes we’re sent to a place that throws life into chaos. We don’t know how we arrived there but nonetheless we are there. Confusion and panic starts to set in, worry and uncertainty follows and then for a second… feel like power has been stripped from the life you thought you had control of. In that state you realise that the power to change your situation is not within your reach, nothing you do can change it. Your money is not needed, your presence cannot amend the fault and time will not change to reverse it or get you past anything sooner. Times like these are the perfect time to say…

“God….I don’t understand the way you work but I know that you are in control and you know what is best for me. Help me to understand my situation and give me wisdom so that I can deal with it better.”

But it may take a while before that happens as we get over the initial feeling of being rejected by God. Time lets us know how much He loves us and we get a point where we realise that everything is done for a reason and for our good.

My inspiration……chaos

My topic……faith

My opinion……stated

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