The drunk evangelist…

On the central line on the way home from Westfield shopping centre I encountered a man clutching a can of Stella Artois preaching about Jesus. It wasn’t how he had almost stumbled and lost his balance on the way to his seat which was next to mine (ironically I was praying he wouldn’t sit there). It wasn’t the fist bump he shared with the man sitting opposite or my unwillingness to engage with a man my father would’ve told me to cross the road and avoid. No this man had a mission. His gaze was focused somewhere in between the fist he connected with and the vacant space which parted his…..He existed in a different plane yet it was the very same that I was living in. In no time he was preaching as if a thousand stood before him waiting to hear what hope and wisdom their pastor could give them. He paused at the right moment, used hand gestures to emphasise his point and enunciated his words perfectly without slurring. Could this man possibly be drunk? He took a sip of his beverage…there we go. He continued to speak into the air as if the whole carriage was listening.

Jesus gave you life, He said that He only came so that you can have life – drunk evangelist

At that moment I was filled wth admiration for a man who may forget his evening by the morning. I admired his courage to speak about Jesus with people he had never met and will probably not see. At that moment I felt unable to wear my Christian label, simples. This man had more of the Word to share than I had read all day. This feeling of shame was my wake up call to be unafraid to speak about my beliefs to someone who may need to know that Jesus loves them. If this man can, surely a sober minded person should be able to. Him who has ear, let him hear right? We can all be evangelists where ever we are, just remember you may play a part in someone’s salvation.

So this is how it goes in the end…all I have to say, is God bless you and just like that he was finished. He had finished his drink. Quietly placed it behind his seat. The train pulled up to my station which was his also and I went my way and he went his.

Inspiration….drunk evangelist




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