What the problem?……

What a rough week I say. No one can understand my pain and frustration. My God why am I having so many problems all at once. If only I had…….
The blanks don’t need to be filled just yet.
I hear a little girl has lost her mother. She wakes from sleep and the sweet curiosity of a minor takes over, wondering why her house has become a social gathering where the women weep and the men have stunned faces. Poor little one does not know where her mother sleeps.


Day 2: God I need your help, I’m drowning in my sorrows, forgive me for I have wronged you. You see all these problems that I am having…….but wait, I’m not done yet.
Bzzzz bzzzz….a text comes through. A close friend tells me that she has lost her father. Now I’m stunned. Suddenly my issues are insignificant. How selfish to think that everything bad fell on me. What can I do but cry for forgiveness for doubting God, for thinking that He had forgotten me. Thank Him for preserving me and pray for the ones who are dealing with their loss.
We may think that we “have it bad” but in this world, people deal with much worse.

My Topic…….problems

My Inspiration…..death

My Opinion…..stated


Published by Surafi KB

Jesus, Jazz & Coffee

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