Today marks 4 years after i graduated and a couple of months ago ‘Beneath the Canvas’ became 5….what is it about milestones that make us reflect on our successes, failures, good moments and bad? I will tell you one thing, life would be boring if we didn’t have them. This blog started out simply because I wanted to write but now it has formed to have a purpose. The same thing with my degree, Lord knows how much i hated post-graduation blues of no mans land but the degree had a purpose. Even as portugal celebrates it’s milestone and Murry and Serena hold their honour, let’s remember to celebrate ourselves in our achievements. You and I deserve to be celebrated as we leap into part 2 of 2016. God had a plan for us  even before we were made so no matter the weather….just celebrate and praise God that you made it this far and the next step will be greater

My inspiration….winnings

My topic….milestones

My opinion….stated


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