Happy Fathers Day…..


It happened that day…….a son proud to have a father stand before him in the midst of many. Teaching and preaching the ways of God and right before him was a little boy. At a cheeky yet daring age he seems delighted to be seated where he has perfect view of his light. Slowly he begins to mimic his actions, then his words, then as his behaviour becomes more noticeable by the rest, with one signal from the man he put on a pedestal, he is silenced……he stays still, gazed, seemingly awaiting further instruction. His eyes say teach me to walk, breath, say what you say, teach me to be a man like you, not knowing that the age of manhood takes several years to stabilise. He is far from realising the strength it takes to hold a family, be in sync with the woman of his desire, fight the battle that holds a man captive, expose the darkness of his past and yet each every day still bless the creator of his day. He is but a child yet to learn the battle of lust and temptation, the importance of holding wisdom close to his side, the path that leads besides still waters…still a child.

Later that afternoon he is proudly presenting an oversized jacket to his peers, eager to show his accomplishments as a young  man…he must grow into it, learn the ways his forefathers taught his father, his Father taught his father and be the father that will teach another……Happy Fathers Day.

Inspiration….young boy

Topic…..Father’s day



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