International Woman’s Day

I’ve inherited a heart so warm it cures the heaviest tears,
Floods of laughter that brighten the dampest spirit,
A smile so wide i forget yesterdays night sky

Oh when i look at you, i see a reflection of these eyes,
A gap into; the earth stays still; as i pass through
the middle of calamity. It used to be fun when life passed over me
Now we are level in sight and stand shoulder to shoulder but i will not move
I will use the strength of my mothers, mothers before my mother
Force my way to freedom; to love, to hold, to cherish and be bold

i heard i was phenomenal and held it close to my heart
Now i will start to be a woman
Weave my basket full of wisdom and carry my jewels like my mothers mother and before her mother

Happy International Womans Day


Beauty for the minds eye….

Last week I was a supermodel,

3 days ago I became obese,

the difference in time didn’t change my physiology,

the mind behind the eyes saw a difference entirely,

Slender became desirable and an additional inch became irrelevant.

Who is to say either is correct,

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder then I choose to see beauty,

A youthful mind too quick to dismiss change

A mature eye too quick to desire a youthful body

Time changes mind and mind observes mankind.

Through growth I will birth a new creation,

Swell till my ankles take on the weight of life itself,

A new mind, new heart and then transformation is complete.

My breasts will expand and nurture our seed,

With each journey I will rest my smile on the creases unseen,

Lift my eyes as the night becomes cold,

Exhale and ride to the next field

Still I await for my king who will see beauty through me when time has made me old


My Inspiration….the mind

My Topic….Beauty

My Opinion…Stated