Do you love me now…..

I leave you with this beautiful song by Nneka which seems to bring about moments of sadness, confusion, hurt, doubt and moments of compromise. The world is full of deceit and devious minds that may act innocent but it’s only later on that you find out the extent of the damage. Somebody once told me to put all my trust in God and not in man because with man, you surely will be disappointed….after all we are lead by our emotions. I find that with God, I don’t even have to ask or do anything for Him to love me, He just does. That is what He is….Love. I hope you find that and believe that for yourself too.

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My first official post on relationships… goes.

Romancipatience…as you can guess it’s about romance and patience. For too long I’ve heard my girl-friends say that they want to be in a relationship, that they are sick of being single, why doesn’t anybody want me?!? and so the story goes. On the contrary my guy- friends are open to talking about women and their views on relationships but aren’t willing to make the big “commitment”…yes the guys take their time whilst the girls are in a hurry and none are willing to compromise….(that one will have a post of its own soon).


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Live life……

I have been hooked on this song for a couple of days now. It is so uplifting and the melody is quite soothing. Mali music is an amazing musician who knows how to captivate you with his words as well as his instruments. With this song I hope you remember that life is a gift and we all have our journeys but we must remember to live it and enjoy it and embrace the challenges that come about. We all have  to face our creator one day so why not live life to the fullest, He did sacrifice His son so we can do so. Life is wonderful….live it

My inspiration……music

My topic……life

My opinion….stated

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Sometimes we’re sent to a place that throws life into chaos. We don’t know how we arrived there but nonetheless we are there. Confusion and panic starts to set in, worry and uncertainty follows and then for a second… feel like power has been stripped from the life you thought you had control of. In that state you realise that the power to change your situation is not within your reach, nothing you do can change it. Your money is not needed, your presence cannot amend the fault and time will not change to reverse it or get you past anything sooner. Times like these are the perfect time to say… Continue reading “Patience…..”

Slow down baby…..

It has been a minute since I’ve been back here. Inspiration came and went and I had no time to write it all down. That’s how life has been since. Amidst all that we do sometimes we have so much going on that we forget we have other commitments. We forget to look after our friends, check on our family and even spend time with ourselves and before we know it, life has happened to all. Your friend lost a friend and you were not there to comfort them, a family member was in a situation that you could’ve helped out in and your face has gained a few lines with the addition of a few pounds. India.Arie said it…slow down baby you’re going too fast. Continue reading “Slow down baby…..”

Life is the same all over….

For a couple of days I have just been pondering about life really. Maybe it sounds stupid but I was asking myself what makes my life so different from someone else’s, being a Christian that is. To be honest, it’s exactly the same as anyone else’s…..before you flip and tell me that it’s not meant to be that way please hear me out. I’m starting to notice this now because it shocks me when I want to talk about my faith or a Christian events people seem to run a mile in the other direction. I never really knew why but now I realise that the first thing that comes across someone’s mind is…oh here we go, someone telling me how worthless my life is if I don’t give my life to Christ and I’m going to hell yada yada yada….Can you blame them for running a mile, I mean my parents criticised me a lot, which hurt as a kid but that was expected, but to hear it from a stranger, that’s just so hurtful. Continue reading “Life is the same all over….”