Melody on Monday #1

My first segment of Melody on Mondays goes to I’m just called Mo; don’t know who he is, I didn’t either until Saturday. He has been famous for little under 48 hours now after appearing on The Voice UK and has over 100,000 views which will probably keep getting higher as the days pass. What did I do after hearing him but take it to twitter to express my excitement at vocals so raw my hands had to hit the loop on youtube….it’s still on repeat by the way, you might see why after listening to him yourself .

I did a little bit of digging to hear more of his work and found out this fella has been quietly  sitting on Soundcloud with great originals. He reminds me of the first time I heard Ed Sheeran singing the A team on that boat; all he needed was his voice, guitar and words, just raw talent. Mo is original and needs nothing else. He has a mature hoarse voice that can be easily placed in rock or blues but he has crafted his voice so technically he can do whatever he wants with it. His cover of Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini made me a fan instantly, I am excited to see how he will grow as an artist. If you would like to hear more from Mo, follow him on Soundcloud and twitter @imjustcalledmo.

This is part of Melody on Mondays which is released every Monday with music from well known and not so well known artists that have tickled my ears for the week. Follow, comment and keep up with Beneath the Canvas as I unearth great things in 2017.




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